Gira nurse call system 834 Plus

The nurse call system with intercom function and plug-and-play installation concept

Connect people, provide security: The Gira nurse call system 834 Plus is a nurse call system used to call for help and to communicate in hospitals, care homes, residential buildings and medical practices. Thanks to its intercom function, it reduces the daily workload of staff, while also offering greater convenience for both patients and occupants. The system meets all the requirements set out in DIN VDE 0834 and therefore guarantees a high level of functional and operational reliability. The Gira nurse call system 834 Plus was awarded the “Management & Hospital AWARD 2014”.

Excellent voice quality

With the Gira nurse call system 834 Plus, it is possible to trigger emergency calls and hold conversations with an impressively high degree of quality – and, thanks to digital echo suppression, this is even the case in sanitary areas where sound waves are often strongly reflected by the walls.

Matches the style of the design line

All the functions of the Gira nurse call system 834 Plus are integrated in the Gira design lines. Not only does this ensure unity of design for the entire electrical installation within the building, but also a great deal of freedom when it comes to selecting colour and frame variants. The easy-care frame variants in pure white glossy or cream white glossy are particularly well-suited to use in areas subject to stringent hygiene requirements.

Easy installation

Thanks to a newly developed Plug and Play installation concept with standardised system cables, a unique terminal assignment, previously parametrised devices and intuitive software, the Gira nurse call system 834 Plus is extremely easy to install. This saves both time and money, minimises sources of error and makes management of the overall system easier.

Gira nurse call system 834 Plus partners

Are you looking for a partner for the Gira nurse call system 834 Plus? Our service staff, who you can reach on +49(0)2195-60 23 42 would be happy to provide you with details of a competent specialist electrical engineering firm in your region.


Operating instructions

Gira nurse call system Plus, Operator's manual

Operating instructions for end users

PDF, 1,1 MB


Gira nurse call system 834 Plus System manual version 2

Planning, installation, start-up, operation

Bestell-Nr 5972 00, 5973 00

PDF, 6,3 MB


Gira nurse call system 834 Plus Quick start version 2

Installation and start-up

Bestell-Nr 5972 00, 5973 00

PDF, 4,6 MB


System control centre Plus

Quick-start guide

Bestell-Nr 5973 00

PDF, 561,2 KB


Gira nurse call system Plus Operator's manual version 2

Operating instructions for end users

Bestell-Nr 5972 00, 5973 00

PDF, 240,0 KB


System central control unit Plus

Quick-start guide

Bestell-Nr 5972 00

PDF, 406,6 KB


Hallway display two-sided / Hallway display

Operating and mounting instructions

Bestell-Nr 5977 00, 5983 00

PDF, 116,4 KB


Door module voice

Installation manual

Bestell-Nr 5919 ..

PDF, 117,6 KB


Installation instructions

Wall mount patient hand-held device

Installation manual

Bestell-Nr 5961 00

PDF, 387,6 KB


Gira nurse call system 834 Plus Download

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