Other Gira products for hospitals, medical practices, care homes, and residential complexes

As a provider of intelligent building system technology, Gira has a wide range of products for use in hospitals, care homes, residential complexes and medical practices. Its range includes socket outlets for the safety power supply, LED orientation lights, and intelligent solutions for controlling lighting, blinds and heating – and all functions can be installed together with the components of the Gira nurse call system 834 in the same design line.

Equipotential bonding socket

The equipotential bonding socket is specifically connected to medical and laboratory devices to bring these to an equal or almost equal potential with other conductive parts. It complies with DIN 42801 requirements.

Rockers with raised symbols or inscription space

For barrier-free electrical installation, Gira offers various rocker switches and buttons with raised symbols or inscription spaces. They can be equipped with an acoustic element on request that emits a tone signal when pressed.


LED lighting and orientation

Gira offers a wide range of LED signal and orientation lights that can be individually labelled or given icons.


Inscribable cover frames

The Gira E2 design line has frames with spray-proof inscription spaces for areas where the electrical installation needs to be specifically labelled.

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