System devices

Group central unit

The group central unit is the next level up from the room modules, room terminals and duty room terminals: it is the central control unit for a ward. It controls the call signalling in the respective rooms and communicates with the room terminals, room modules, corridor displays and duty room terminals for this purpose.

Central control unit

The central control unit is the higher-level control unit for the entire system, especially in larger properties, and takes over the required monitoring functions as well as group-wide communication.

Power supply

The Gira power rectifiers are used to provide the power supply for the Gira nurse call system 834. They are characterised by their closed design and contact-protected screw connections. They are protected against overload by current limitation, have an integrated suppressor and low residual ripple.

Impulse relay

1-pole and 2-pole impulse relays are used within the Gira nurse call system 834. The 1-pole impulse relay is required to switch the room light on/off, which is triggered by the light button. The 2-pole impulse relay controls two different light sources, such as the room light and reading light.

Interface units

Gira interface units with 16 outputs or 24 inputs are available for the Gira nurse call system 834. The interface unit with 16 outputs is used to switch external devices such as lamps, door magnets or horns. The interface unit with 24 inputs is used to integrate alert messages, such as the doorbell, fire alarm system, lift or emergency lighting.