Training and information opportunities

Gira offers a variety of free training and information opportunities for electrical engineering firms with regard to installing and commissioning the Gira nurse call system 834.

Web-based training

Systems that fall within the scope of DIN VDE 0834 may only be installed by a master electrician with a training certificate issued by the manufacturer. Gira offers a web-based training course for these systems. A certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course. Participation in the training course is free of charge.

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Standard-compliant security

Short-circuit-proof inputs protect the electronics against wiring errors during the installation phase. The decentralised principle applies in this regard as per DIN VDE 0834. The system’s modular design guarantees the basic call-triggering functions even when individual sub-assemblies fail. If system faults do occur, they are immediately reported to the care personnel and the technical service team.

DIN VDE 0834

The Gira nurse call system 834 meets all the requirements according to DIN VDE 0834 and therefore guarantees a high level of functional and operational reliability.