Shop fitting and presentation

DesignHaus in Munich

The shop-in-shop concept of the Munich "DesignHaus" by is the ideal compromise for design fans who can't decide between online shopping and brick-and-mortar retail. A digital shopping guide leads you through the showroom using your smartphone or one of the provided iPads. A modern KNX system makes this smart shopping possible.


PLAYMOBIL trade fair stand

Pirate ships, fairy islands, dragon lands, shopping centres and camp ground – the Zirndorf toy manufacturer PLAYMOBIL set a clever scene for more than 100 toy ideas at a new permanently installed trade fair stand. A modern KNX system networks the electronic components at the stand.


Johann Lafer Culinary School

Celebrity chef Johann Lafer defines the current standards for cooking, savouring – and technology. His culinary school is a unique forum for culinary culture and way of life. As part of this, the concept is in no way limited to exquisite ingredients and refined recipes. Instead, it combines enjoyment, design, light, entertainment electronics and modern building control to an atmosphere of well-being for all the senses.


Johann Lafer's private kitchen

The kitchen is regaining its position as the centre of family life. Kitchen designers now create modern shapes and realise innovative functions. However, kitchen planners often lack practical experience with technical innovations, particularly when these innovations are from the field of electrical installation technology.