Sustainability is one of the principles of our actions.

1.5 °C is our ambition.

We are committed to the United Nations' 1.5 °C target. Our climate course is planned out up to the year 2100. We track our annual reduction targets by continuously recording our emissions using scientifically-proven methods.

For us, sustainability means future security.

Investing in a Gira Smart Home offers you long-term security and peace of mind. To do this, we rely on durable materials, high quality, timeless design and, with the KNX standard, an open and expandable system.

We want to know the overall environmental impact of our products.

We use life cycle assessments to determine the environmental impact of more and more of our products over their entire life cycle. This forms the basis for sustainable product development.

Packaging that continually sets new standards.

It is important to us that our packaging protects the environment. That's why we are constantly developing it so that we use less and less material and avoid fossil-based raw materials.

Those who want to be responsible for the future must show courage when shaping it.

For us, sustainability is not a state that you reach sooner or later, but a continuous process of improvement. All Gira employees make landmark decisions every single day, in consideration of ecological and social challenges.

We invest in the well-being of our employees.

Alongside flexible working hours, mobile working and comprehensive health management, up to 45 children can be left in good hands at the Gira nursery, located close to the office, to help parents optimise their work/life balance.

Regional, delicious and environmentally friendly.

The cooks in our bistros use regional ingredients to prepare fresh meals every single day. Leftover food is not thrown away, but instead donated to the organisation Foodsharing.