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Gira Expert


Order No. 0529 00, 2075 00

ZIP, 234.966 Kb

Version: 4.1

Date: 13.11.2013


Expert Version 4.1

The Expert software 4.1 must be used in conjunction with the following end devices:

  • HomeServer 4
  • FacilityServer 4
  • HomeServer 3
  • FacilityServer 3
  • HomeServer 2
  • Iso for HS2.NET eliminated. This generation of devices cannot be supported any longer.



  • Export into iPhone / iPad / Android / QuadClient: A specific selection can be made regarding which end device types should be used to display a function.
  • Status display: Expanded with LED symbols
  • App call-up: This function allows apps from other manufacturers to be opened from within the HomeServer/FacilityServer app. Configuration is performed in the QC Config. See important note
  • Debugging



Using the app call-up is not functional until HomeServer/FacilityServer app version 4.1. This version is currently still in development and will be released in the near future.


Expert software 4.1

  • Integration of a universal 3-byte data type (integers 0 to 16777215)
  • Expansion of e-mail authentication to include the option of encrypted login on an SMTP server. This includes: unencrypted, unencrypted with POP before SMTP, STARTTLS (encryption), SMTP over SSL (encryption), IP port input
  • Debugging
  • "Stream error" when transferring the firmware has been eliminated.