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Gira X1 firmware update


Order No. 2096 00

ZIP, 46.821 Kb

Version: 2.0.656

Date: 04.12.2017


New functions

  • Remote access via Gira S1 or ise smart connect KNX remote access
    • Launching Gira X1 app => connection established automatically in the background
    • No more complex VPN setup
    • No configuration of customer router
    • Solution to IPV6 issues.
  • Dimming (RGBW)
    • Absolute RGB dimming function with five favourite settings
    • Absolute RGBW dimming function with five favourite settings
  • Dimming (Tunable White)
    • Absolute Tunable White dimming function with five favourite settings
  • Air conditioner control for KNX gateways with five favourite settings
  • RTC auxiliary unit for sauna function
  • Audio control with media support and playlists
  • Button (Press/Release)
    • Press for on / release for off
    • Press for off / release for on
  • Demo mode:
    • Key functions of the app can be experienced even without Gira X1 hardware
    • Available for iOS and Android
  • PIN protection for system menu
    • System menu settings protected from unauthorised access
  • Status view – folder view
    • Functions with status display
  • Diagnostic page
    • Mandatory authentication with user name and password

General improvements

  • Trades
    • Room name added to functions
  • Dimmer and dimmer (step size) functions consolidated
  • Camera
    • Function with and without password
    • Start button removed
  • Heating and cooling (On/Off)
    • Ability to switch between heating and cooling mode in the Gira X1 app
    • Change operating mode is no longer required field
    • RTC auxiliary unit ON/OFF
  • Signed and unsigned 32-bit value transmitter
    • Value transmitter with keypad input for value range with more than three digits
  • Value transmitter (all function templates)
    • Timer available in the Gira X1 app

Errors corrected

  • The scrolling functions of the value transmitter did not stop at the target value when operated quickly.
  • Symbols selected in GPA were not displayed in the Gira X1 app in a few cases.
  • After restarting X1, it was possible that the configuration of the Gira X1 app would not load.
  • The heating function could no longer be used in the Gira X1 App outside of the incorrectly configured min./max. values.
  • Logic functions are read from the bus even without  activating the "read from the KNX bus" parameter
  • The "Delete all data points" function is missing from the scene set.

Known errors

  • The sending physical KNX address is missing in the line scan.
  • Data point of the camera is additionally toggled during switch-off.
  • The discharging function of the ETS has no effect on the additional physical addresses.
  • The KNX group address data point time (DPT 10.001) is sent with a random day of the week.

To perform the update the Gira Project Assistant V 2.4 is required. It is recommended to always use the latest available GPA version. Please follow the instructions in the enclosed documentation.