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Gira G1 firmware update

<h2>New functions</h2>
<li>KNX Secure support</li>
<li>Signalling/ring tone even without Türko system via KNX</li>
<h2>Bugs fixed</h2>
<li>Display may not darken</li>
<li>The demo of the Door Communication application does not work in demomode</li>
<li>The room temperature display in the status bar does not disappear</li>
<li>Audio control: Volume may automatically adjust to 0</li>
<li>Heating/cooling switchover in heating operation (cyclical heating command ensures deactivation of heating)</li>
<li>Relative dimming after restart (without status) not possible</li>
<li>Different translations</li>
<h2>Known HomeServer client restrictions</h2>
<li>No timer configuration</li>
<li>Direct plug-in changeover (plug-ins are only available via menu tiles)</li>
<li>Diagram plug-In: Switchover hour/day/week/month/year</li>
<li>Camera plug-in: Display of buttons</li>
<li>Call of third-party apps (e.g. Revox)</li>
<li>Menu entries "shake" and "clicking sound" have no function</li>

Order No. 2069 .., 2067 .., 2077 ..

ZIP, 318.854 Kb

Version: 3.2.148

Date: 25.05.2020



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