The Netherlands


Gira Nederland B.V.
Kazemat 3
3905NR Veenendaal
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0) 318 728 600

Gira technical hotline for professionals

Tel. 00-800-00 602 123
Contact form

Exclusive importer in the Netherlands

Technische Unie B.V.
Bovenkerkerweg 10-12
NL-1185 XE Amstelveen
Postbus 900
NL-1180 AX Amstelveen

For further information please contact
your sales office.

Gira District Manager for south Netherlands

Rob Jansen
Tel. +31 651 127034

Gira District Manager for central Netherlands

Ted Jansen
Tel. +31 622 942627

District Manager for south-west Netherlands

John Eikelenboom
Tel. +31 653 120553

Gira District Manager for north-west Netherlands

Gira Technical Advisor for north and central Netherlands

Paul Huisman
Tel. +31 651 511728

Gira Technical Advisor for south-east Netherlands

Rob Vos
Tel. +31 622 942628

Gira Technical Advisor for south and west Netherlands

Lex Snaphaan
Tel. +31 653 274954

Gira District Manager for north-east Netherlands

Frank Rothuis
Tel. +31 622 607494

Information service

In the Netherlands, documentation is available from:

Gira Information Service
Ladonkseweg 9
5281 RN Boxtel
Fax +31 (0)4 11 65 21 21

Technical Consultant for
north-west Netherlands

Vincent Meij
Mobile: 00 31 653 48 27 32

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