System devices

System central control unit Plus

The system central control unit Plus is the higher-level control unit for the Gira nurse call system Plus. It connects to the central ward control units via an Ethernet line.

Central ward control unit Plus

The central ward control unit Plus is the central control unit on a ward for the Gira nurse call system Plus. It establishes the connection from the ward bus to the system bus (Plus LAN) and the system central control unit. In small systems, it can also be used without a system central control unit.

Ethernet switch

The Ethernet switch is used to connect system central control units, central ward control units and Gira Control 9 duty room terminals Plus with each other. Thanks to 24 V rated voltage, connection to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is also possible.

Power supply units

The power supply units are used to supply power to the Gira nurse call system Plus. They are characterised by their closed design and contact-protected screw terminals.

Impulse relay

The impulse relays are needed to control the room lighting or the reading light via the patient hand-held device with voice function.

The I/O module surface-mounted ward bus (DRA) has 8 inputs/8 outputs.

The I/O module enables systems from other manufacturers to be integrated into the nurse call system Plus via potential-free contacts and technical alarm messages to be issued. The flush-mounted I/O module has 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

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