Security according to the DIN VDE 0834 standard

The Gira nurse call system meets the requirements set down in the DIN VDE 0834 standard. What does this standard mean for users and installers? Greater security for everyone. This is because the standardised requirements such as those set down in DIN VDE 0834 stipulate a minimum standard for a product’s performance profile and capability.

Legal situation

If these requirements are observed, planners and installers know in advance exactly what they’re getting themselves into when buying a system. Standards aren’t necessarily binding for planners and installers unless application of the same is required by law. However, according to a ruling made by the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH), in the event of damage compliance with the standards is always mandatory for preventative measures intended to protect safety, health and life.

Minimum requirements

In relation to the Gira nurse call system, the minimum requirements according to DIN VDE 0834 define the installation height of the devices for triggering emergency calls, set specifications for optical and acoustic signals and stipulate the need for an emergency power supply, for example.


In addition, short-circuit-proof inputs protect the electronics against wiring errors even during the installation phase. The decentralised principle with a modular system set-up applies for this purpose. It guarantees the basic call triggering functions even when individual components fail. If system faults do occur, they are immediately reported to the care personnel and the technical service team.

More information

The “System basics for the Gira nurse call system” planning tool provides detailed information on the topic of security (order no. 1836-10).

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Gira nurse call system


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