Gira central control units

The central control unit is the higher-level control unit for the entire system, especially in larger properties, and takes over the required monitoring functions as well as group-wide communication. It is equipped with state-of-the-art processor technology and is networked, configured and operated using conventional browser standards and a simple LAN connection to other computers in the ward's rooms.

All the system's current calls are displayed and logged. The archives with the protocol data can be viewed and analysed by authorised persons.

Central control unit with pager and DECT function

Two versions of the central control unit are available in the Gira product range. In addition to the variant with the functions described above, a central control unit is available with pager and DECT function. It is used for data exchange with optional operating computers and pre-existing information systems. Corresponding hardware and software interfaces are available for forwarding call information to messaging systems such as pagers and wireless DECT telephone systems.

Technical data

Power supply

24 V DC, interruption-free in accordance with
DIN VDE 0834


L x D x H: 250 x 215 x 55 mm


Aluminium and sheet steel


LAN connection to existing network structure or standalone PC,
Additionally for the central control unit with pager and DECT function:
Pager interface,
DECT interface to PBX and/or DECT system


The central control units are mounted on a DIN rail.

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Gira nurse call system


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