Gira nurse call system

Thanks to its decentralised and modular design, the Gira nurse call system is suitable for both very small systems with just a few rooms and large facilities with various residential units or care wards. Depending on the size of the system to be installed, a higher-level central control unit is used for this purpose. In addition, Gira offers an emergency set for installation in a disability-friendly toilet, for example.

Emergency set

The Gira emergency set is available as an independent package of the Gira nurse call system. The set consists of a call module, pull-cord button, switch-off button and power supply unit and ensures that a person in need of help can alert staff should an incident occur.

Very small systems

A compact station for facilities with just a few rooms, such as a medical practice, can be installed without a central control unit. Several pull-cord buttons, call modules and switch-off buttons – which communicate with a duty room unit at the reception, for instance – are used. While the installation of very small systems is not subject to the DIN VDE 0834 standard, the standard is used as a guideline. Call system designers and operators are obligated to find out about any other legal requirements and to take them into consideration, as appropriate, during the planning process.

Large systems

If a complex installation with lots of rooms or treatment rooms is required, then a central control unit is used, which – as the higher-level unit – controls communication between the group central units, of which there can be up to 26. The central control unit serves as the central distributor between the various areas and is programmed accordingly.

The smallest independent unit in a large system’s decentralised system is the patient’s room. Here, room terminals or room modules act as a control unit for a room and contain operating elements for triggering calls and marking presence. The other room units – such as the call buttons on the bed, the pull-cord button in the toilet and the room signal lights in the corridor – are connected to these terminals.

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Gira nurse call system


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