Gira call button

The call button is fitted with a red button. It is used to trigger calls and contains a red LED as a location or reassurance light. In addition to the simple model, there is also a call button with a diagnostic jack and/or ancillary plug contact. A medical device is connected to the 4-pole diagnostic jack (RJ11). For example, if the connected device malfunctions, the triggering of a potential-free contact generates a diagnostic call.

The ancillary plug contact features an 8-pole socket (RJ45) with which moveable calling devices such as pear buttons and multiple buttons, a radio set or other control devices can be connected at the patient's bed. Within the Gira nurse call system, the call buttons are connected to a room terminal, room module or call module. The call button variants at a glance:

  • Call button
  • Call button with ancillary plug contact
  • Call button with ancillary plug contact and diagnostic jack

Functions at a glance

  • Call/emergency call triggering.
  • Socket for call/emergency call triggering via the connected control devices.
  • Triggering of the diagnostic call via a connected medical device.
  • Call circuit monitoring if the plug is disconnected.
The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Call-triggering elements


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