Gira group central unit

The group central unit is the next level up from the room modules, room terminals and duty room terminals: It is the central control unit for a ward. It controls the call signalling in the respective rooms and communicates with the room terminals, room modules, hallway displays and duty room terminals for this purpose. It also controls the function of the connected units and signals device or cable faults.

3 buttons and a 2 x 16-digit alphanumeric display allow various system settings to be made and the relevant ward to be configured. As a rule, each room and each bed can be addressed and calls from a device with an intercom can be switched off from a single console.

Group interconnections and other operating procedures are usually organised from the group central unit. A ward can be divided into three care groups with the aid of the group central unit. In the process, rooms from other wards can also be integrated. The connection is established via the higher-level central control unit.

Technical data


L x W x H: 147 x 100 x 25 mm


- Group bus to the room electronics
- Ward bus to the system central control unit

Potential-free fault signal contact


The group central unit is snapped onto a DIN top-hat rail. A surface-mounted base is also required for surface-mounted installation.

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Gira nurse call system


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