Gira S1

Secure remote access to the smart home with KNX

Switching off the light, checking the camera images, switching on the heating, closing the blinds while on the move – and all safe in the knowledge that no unauthorised person has access to communication: The Gira S1 enables users to connect to their KNX smart home while on the move with total security, as communication is encrypted. Simply start the Gira X1 or the Gira HomeServer app – and the Gira S1 will take care of the rest in cooperation with the Gira device portal. There is no longer any need to laboriously activate a VPN or special settings in the router.

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  • Secure remote access through encryption

  • Supports the Gira X1 app and HomeServer iOS app (Android app available from the end of 2018)

  • Important messages directly to the smartphone

  • Secure and simple remote maintenance

  • Remote access of the Gira X1 and Gira HomeServer

  • Remote maintenance of the KNX system


  • Very fast setup

  • Independence from Internet provider

  • Also works for IPv6 connections (e.g. Unitymedia)

  • No router settings required

  • Setup can be planned and calculated

  • Compliance with German data protection standards

Secure remote access through
encryption and German
data protection standards

Users can see when secure remote access is available via the remote access symbol in the app's status bar. The server for the Gira device portal is located in Germany and is subject to German data protection laws. This ensures that stringent German data protection standards are applied.

The perfect combination

The Gira S1 can be ideally combined with the Gira X1 and the Gira HomeServer. The app-based remote maintenance and remote control functions are optimally integrated in both products. The Gira S1 also enables secure remote access to all web-based visualisations.

Remote maintenance with access control

Simple remote maintenance of the smart home is possible with the Gira S1. Users define who has access to their smart home and when. Specific authorisations can be granted via the app or using touch sensors.

Important events directly to the smartphone

The smoke detector gets triggered, someone rings the door bell – and you're not around right then: Good to know that the smart home informs you about important events. The Gira S1 enables emails to be sent free of charge, including attachments such as camera images. It also allows messages to be sent via SMS and voicemail (subject to a charge).

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