Gira KNX/EIB area/line coupler line amplifier

New. ETS 4 database

Since August 2012, users of a Gira KNX area/line coupler line amplifier have been able to benefit from the advantages of an ETS 4 database. The new ETS 4 has been completely redesigned by the KNX Association and equipped with numerous functions to enable KNX projects to be edited easily and quickly in the future.

People who already work with the Gira KNX area/line coupler line amplifier can simply download the new database from the Gira homepage and use the new functions with the existing hardware. 

Advantages of the new ETS 4 database

Users implementing the ETS 4 database in connection with ETS version 4.1.2 (or higher) will benefit from the following advantages:

  • For communications between the main line and subline, the full, expanded group address range of 0 to 31 is supported in both communication directions for the 'Block', 'Forward unfiltered' and 'Filter' functions.
  • In addition, for physically addressed telegrams, the 'Forward unfiltered' or 'block' setting can be configured in future between the main line and subline in both communication directions. This enables programming and tampering prevention.
  • The 'Repeat' function: yes/no" can now be set separately in the event of transfer errors on the main line or subline for the telegram type 'Broadcast'.
  • Telegram confirmation on the main line and subline with the settings 'Always' and 'For forwarding only' is now possible separately for group telegrams and physically addressed telegrams .
  • There is an option of selecting the 'Always reject (NACK)' setting for physically addressed telegrams, which enables programming protection with feedback to be realised.

Use as an area/line coupler

  • Use as an area or line coupler, depending on the allocation of the physical address and parameterization
  • Reduction of the bus load via filter function (filter table)
  • Forwarding of group telegrams can be parameterized
  • Repetition rate in the case of transfer errors can be adjusted (yes/no). Repeated 3 times if yes.
  • Telegram confirmation can be parameterized

Use of line amplifier

  • Expansion of lines to max. 4 line segments (max. 3 line amplifiers connected in parallel per line) each having up to 64 devices
  • Repetition rate in the case of transfer errors can be adjusted (yes/no). Repeated 3 times if yes

Technical data


KNX connection and junction terminal for higher and lower-level line
(no data rail required)

Protection type

IP 20


DRA device with 2 HP

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

System devices


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