Gira KNX IP router

Secure communication in KNX systems via IP

The Gira KNX IP router interconnects KNX lines via data networks. For this, it uses the KNXnet/IP standard and in the current software version 4 also the secure communication standard KNXnet/IP Secure. KNX telegrams are now also transmitted in encrypted form between the devices via an IP network. KNXnet/IP Secure allows the authentication and encryption of the telegrams sent out by KNX devices in IP networks. This ensures that KNX tunnelling or routing telegrams cannot be read or tampered with on IP. The KNXnet/IP Secure mechanisms work as an additional safety device which protects all KNXnet/IP data traffic: for example on a shared technical backbone of a building.

Delivery date: after availability of ETS 5.5 (secure)


  • Software with support of secure communication via KNXnet/IP Secure
  • Use as KNX IP data interface
  • KNX Reliable Communication: reliable communication via WLAN (prevention of telegram loss)
  • Use as line/area coupler
  • Integrated switch with two RJ45 connections
  • Supply via external 24 V DC


  • Connection of KNX lines with the aid of data networks and use of the internet protocol (IP)
  • Filtering and forwarding of telegrams
  • Start-up from ETS 3; support of Secure from ETS 5 with Secure support
  • Use as KNX timer
  • Card reader for recording KNX telegrams on microSD card
  • Design: DRA with 2 HP

Identification of KNX devices with Secure support

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

System devices


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