More security in everyday life and dangerous situations

The diverse security functions that can be implemented by being connected to the Gira HomeServer ensure a sense of security around the clock. Whether the risk is of burglary, fire, or storms – the Gira KNX system offers special solutions for a wide variety of dangers. Special applications such as panic switches, video monitoring and occupied-home simulations guarantee optimum protection for the home and its occupants.

Warding off danger quickly in case of smoke and fire

If the Gira smoke detector registers a dangerous accumulation of smoke or heat in the room, the Gira HomeServer immediately becomes active. It automatically takes initial countermeasures and offers occupants essential help in fleeing the house. For example, blinds and roller shutters are raised automatically, the front door is unlocked, and the light is switched on along the escape route. This saves occupants crucial time when fleeing the building. If they are absent, they are notified with a phone call or text message.

Reliable protection for storms

Storms often strike unexpectedly and cause millions of euros in damage each year. Storm damage can be reduced or eliminated entirely by integrating a KNX weather station via the Gira HomeServer. For instance, in case of dangerously high wind speeds, the weather station sends a message to the server, which subsequently puts that home into a stormproof state. Windows, skylights, and garage doors are automatically closed and awnings are retracted. To protect the windows, the roller shutters are automatically lowered on the side of the house bearing the brunt of the weather.

Increased safety in case of technical defects

Sensors and technical detectors have important monitoring functions and check networked household appliances such as the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, freezer, or washing machine. If the washing machine springs a leak, the heating fails, or the door of the freezer is open, the Gira HomeServer immediately displays a fault message. This allows the occupants to react to the problem quickly before any more damage is caused.

Switch off all electrical devices at the press of a button

Playing it safe: All electrical devices can be switched off at the press of a single button in the entrance area. This means that worrying about whether you've left the stove or the iron on is a thing of the past. As an option, this central-off function can also be coupled directly to the locking system so that when the door is locked, the devices are also switched off.

Realistic occupied-home simulation as burglary protection

The occupied-home simulation makes sure you get to relax on your holidays. It realistically reproduces user behaviour in the home using an intelligent recording function, in order to successfully deter intruders. For example, blinds are opened in the morning and closed at different times in the evening, lights are switched on and off, and even the television comes on occasionally. This gives outsiders the impression that the home's occupants are constantly in.

Fast panic switching in case of danger

Quick reactions are crucial in dangerous situations. A panic switch installed right next to the bed, for example, can be quickly activated if suspicious noises are heard at night or if the sensors detect movement in the garden. With one press of the button, all the lights in the house and garden are switched on immediately and the cameras start recording. The sudden brightness has a deterrent effect, which usually causes intruders to flee.

Visual security checks thanks to camera monitoring

The Gira HomeServer enables several areas of a home or property to be monitored, either using the Gira Control Clients on a PC or via smartphone. As many cameras as desired can be integrated directly into the building control via the network. If a motion detector registers activity, camera images from that particular area can be recorded and saved automatically. As an option, occupants can also have notifications sent directly to their smartphones.

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