More convenience thanks to intelligent networking

Intelligent building technology from Gira makes living more convenient and comfortable – with functional details that are precisely adapted to the individual wishes and needs of occupants. The central control of lighting, blinds, and heating, design of room scenes, requirements-based single-room ventilation and heating control, fully automatic garden sprinklers, multimedia entertainment in all rooms, and much more. With the help of the Gira HomeServer, a wide variety of functions can be seamlessly integrated into the background atmosphere and provide a sense of wellbeing throughout the entire home.

Central control of the entire building technology

All occupants can constantly monitor the entire building technology using the Gira Control Clients, which enable all functions to be controlled from a central location. As part of this, the Gira Interface enables fast access to the diverse applications of the system. With a single finger, occupants can select light scenes, control the temperature, raise and lower the blinds, and see exactly who is ringing the doorbell.

Comfortable remote control of all system functions

Networking the KNX system with the Gira HomeServer allows all intelligent functions to be controlled remotely. Regardless of their location, users can switch off the light, control the heating temperature, and much more using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device. To do this, the Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer app simply has to be installed: it displays all the applications in the familiar Gira Interface design – optimised of course for the device's screen display size. And navigating the menu is as easy and user-friendly as ever. In addition, the mobile connection to the KNX system increases the level of security: If an alarm is triggered at home or the server registers technical faults in the household appliances, occupants are immediately notified, allowing them to react in time.

Design of individual living scenes

With the help of the Gira HomeServer, lighting, blinds, heating, and music control can be linked to create complex scenarios. They can be combined individually and adapted at any time. For example, a scene can be designed for optimum TV enjoyment. When the TV is switched on, a certain volume is set, and depending on the time of day, the lighting is dimmed or the room darkened using blinds or roller shutters.

'Welcome home' scene

Want to cast off the daily grind as soon as you walk through the door at home? Thanks to Gira, relaxation is now just a press of a button away. The 'welcome home' scene, which each occupant can customise, makes this possible. At the press of a button or when the front door is opened, a suitable lighting mood can be automatically generated, for example, the occupant's current favourite song can be played, or the bathroom can be preheated – entirely as desired.

Music throughout the home

The Gira KNX system can be connected to the Revox multiroom system with the help of the UPnP Control plug-in, enabled music to be piped and controlled throughout the entire home. Occupants can choose individual music selections for each room without interfering with each other – for example jazz in the kitchen, classical music in the living room and an audio book in the children's bedroom. The system can be operated conveniently via iPhone, with the Gira Control Clients, computer, or the Gira control units for the Revox multiroom system. By networking it with the Gira HomeServer, the music control can also be directly integrated into room scenes to create unique living scenes.

Integrated door communication

With the Gira HomeServer, the door communication can be easily integrated into the home control. As a result, you can see who is at the door, use the talk-back function, and open the door with a click of the mouse – all from the computer in your home office . Audio-visual door communication is also possible via the Gira Control Clients – a separate home station is then no longer needed.

The perfect comfortable temperature for each individual room

The correct temperature is quite simply what gives a room its feel good factor. Traditional heating control systems reach their limits quickly here because occupants' personal preferences vary greatly depending on the season and time of day. The KNX system has the solution: Occupants can determine the temperature anywhere in the home using single-room control and a time-dependent heating regulator. Cosy warmth in the bathroom in the morning, a pleasant coolness in the bedroom at night – precise individual wishes can be taken into account to guarantee maximum home comfort. Thanks to the HomeServer connection, the temperature can also be controlled while on the move.

Fully automatic watering of the garden

The Gira HomeServer is also a jack of all trades outdoors, and can set the garden sprinklers or watering system going fully automatically. The system can decide for itself when and how much watering is necessary. Its own KNX weather station or weather forecasts from the internet provide the data required for this purpose. In this way, home owners save valuable time and effectively reduce their water consumption.

Direct connection to Apple Mac

Gira OS Connect is the connection for Apple products with the Mac OS operating system to the Gira HomeServer or FacilityServer. The Gira touch sensor enables not only intelligent building technology functions to be controlled but also numerous applications on Apple computers with Mac OS X, such as iTunes® and iPhoto®.

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