Gira KNX brightness controller

Gira KNX brightness controller flush-mounted version

The Gira KNX brightness controller turns energy-saving room and workplace lighting into a reality. It is mounted on the ceiling directly above the area to be illuminated – above a workstation, for example – and analyses the lighting conditions of the surface below. The brightness sensors register a range from 0 to 2,000 lux.

Coupled to the lighting system, it dims or brightens the lighting depending upon the amount of daylight. A single device thus acts both as a brightness sensor and a brightness controller. Continuous constant lighting control can be achieved with dimmable lights. Where lights are only switchable, the lighting is switched on and off. Up to five light groups can be dimmed in parallel, each one shifted by an individually adjustable difference value if required.

The brightness measurement is calibrated using the engineering tool software (ETS) via the bus. The brightness setpoint can also be adjusted via the bus. Brightness control can be activated and deactivated using any button, or by a motion or presence detector. The preset control can be overridden or disabled by pressing a light switch or dimmer.

The brightness controller is available in two variants for either flush-mounted or surface-mounted installation. For flush mounting, the controller is installed in a standard flush-mounted device box. Surface mounting is in the white, plastic housing with housing cover and screw stopper included in delivery.

The Gira KNX brightness controllers are available.

Further properties

  • Analysis of lighting conditions by measuring reflected light
  • Measurement range of 0 to 2000 lux with an illuminated surface reflection factor of approx. 30%
  • Two light rods are supplied with the brightness controller, one of which is selected for operation. Light rod 1 measures the light ingress surface vertically, light rod 2 measures the light at an angle of 45° to the mounting surface
  • The brightness measurement is transmitted in the event of change and/or cyclically, at the user's option
  • The lighting's switch-on threshold can be selected at the start of constant light control
  • The setpoint can be set via a parameter or a communication object, at the user's option
  • Power supply of electronics via bus voltage
  • Bus connection via bus terminal
  • Integrated bus coupler
  • Parameterizable behaviour with bus voltage recovery

Technical data

Measurement range

0–2000 lux
(reflection factor of work surface approx. 30%)

Power supply

via the bus voltage

Protection type

IP 20


in a 58 mm switch box

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Lighting, dimming


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