Gira wireless smoke detector

Central and local alerts before a risk of death arises

The Gira wireless smoke detector is part of the Gira wireless alarm system/VdS. It is in constant wireless contact with the Gira wireless alarm control unit/VdS and sounds the alarm before the smoke concentration becomes hazardous to people, also locally via an integrated buzzer. The smoke detector detects fire at an early stage through the build-up of smoke. It operates on the basis of the photoelectric scattered light principle. The smoke analysis function is continuously monitored.

Any faults are indicated by a fault signal (signal tone and LED). In addition to sending a message to the wireless central alarm unit/VdS, the detector issues a local, acoustic alert via an integrated buzzer. Thanks to a unique code made up of several million possibilities, there is always a secure wireless connection to the central unit. Power is supplied by a 9 V lithium battery, which supplies a stable voltage and is constantly monitored.

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