Close up: Gira G1 'Details' commercial

An elegant design, high-quality materials, precise workmanship and a brilliant touch display: The commercial presents fascinating details about the Gira G1 – and provides an initial insight into the wide range of functions and the easy-to-use interface of this jack-of-all-trades for building technology.

Effortlessly easy: Gira G1 'Icons' commercial

This commercial shows the whole range of functions embodied in the new Gira G1 with effortless ease. The commercial animates the easy-to-understand icons from the Gira world of symbols – and shows them as the key for intuitively operating the new jack-of-all-trades for building technology.

Comprehensive overview: Gira G1 product film

This product film presents the most important functions in an easy-to-understand way and shows how simple they are to use. Not only does it present the elegant design, high-quality material and brilliant touch display; it also provides insights into the inner workings with its fascinating technical details. The film additionally presents the various areas of application and clarifies how easy the device is to install. Find out the most important information about the Gira G1 – the jack-of-all-trades for building technology – in just under four minutes.

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Gira G1


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