New elegance on the wall

With its delicate look, the Gira G1 almost appears to float on the wall. Available in either black or white, the Gira G1 can be integrated into different residential environments in an aesthetically harmonious way.

High-quality materials

Selected materials underline the high-quality design of the Gira G1. The continuous front panel is made of scratch-resistant 1 mm special glass. Thanks to its precision bonding, it forms a single unit with the housing. The high-quality metal frame gives the Gira G1 an attractive appearance, even from the side. The glass fibre-reinforced holding frame ensures permanent stability on the wall.

The interface between the hand and the system: the display

The brilliant 15.25 cm [6”] TFT colour display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and 155 ppi offers extremely clear image, graphics and text representation. The Gira G1 is easily legible from all viewing angles, so it can be used equally well by both tall and short people. Many functions can be controlled with extreme ease by means of a touch or gesture, such as resting your hand on the display and swiping across the sensitive touch surface.

For clearer communication: Speaker and microphone

The Gira G1 can be used as a home station in a Gira door communication system. Thanks to the speaker and microphone that are inconspicuously integrated into the housing, there is always clear communication between those on the inside and those on the outside.

Sensitive reaction

The display is automatically adapted to the relevant lighting conditions using the brightness sensor. The proximity sensor detects when someone approaches the Gira G1 and switches the display on automatically. If the Gira G1 is not being used, the display is switched off. This saves electricity and is an energy-efficient solution.

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Gira G1


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