ZigBee® Light Link hand-held transmitter

Technical data

Rated voltage:

DC 3 V

Battery type:

1 × lithium CR 2450N

Relative humidity:

max. 80% (no condensation)

Storage/transport temperature:

-25°C to +70°C

Protection type/protection class:


Protection class:


Number of connections:

max. 10

Dimensions L × W × H:

93 × 53 × 15.5mm

Transmission range in free field:

typ. 100 m

Wireless frequency:

2,400 to 2,483 GHz

Transmission power:

< 10 mW


- Supports the adjustment of: Brightness, colour temperature,
Light colour and colour saturation
- Meets the specifications for ZigBee® Light Link
- Saves and accesses
up to 6 scenes
- Status display with LED
- Battery-operated device
- Software can be updated
wirelessly using separate additional device

Items delivered

- Gira ZigBee® Light Link
wireless hand-held transmitter
- Operating instructions

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

ZigBee® Light Link hand-held transmitter


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