Gira Profile 55

Expansion installation on the wall

More functions, more options, more flexibility – simply on the wall. Gira Profile 55 provides an easy way to expand the existing installation without having to prise open the wall. As well as with additional socket outlets, it can be individually equipped with more than 230 functions, e.g. with the Gira flush-mounted radio and the Gira door communication system.


The range includes different variants with up to eight empty units, available in aluminium and aluminium pure white lacquered. The variants with angled mounting bracket/base can be used for installation under hanging cabinets, in corners and as a table-top housing, for example. The Gira Profile 55 with angled mounting bracket/base is particularly suited to being equipped with a home station, as this enables door communication functions to be very conveniently positioned directly on a desk.


If requirements change, the functions can simply be exchanged and recombined. After all, flexibility is part of the program with Gira Profile 55. In the event of a house move, the expansion can easily be removed and taken along. In turn, it can be adapted to the special conditions in the new building.

Design and installation options

The Gira Profile 55 can be quickly and easily installed in just minutes. It can also be flexibly adapted to all circumstances, thanks to its extremely wide range of cable feed and supply options:

  • Feed directly out of the wall
  • Feed out of the flush-mounted device box
  • Surface-mounted central cable feed from above or below
  • Feed via a flexible cable through the end cap
  • Feed on the rear via a flexible cable in the case of profiles with angled mounting bracket/foot
The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Profile 55


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