Door communication

Sometimes it is good to see who is at the door, especially when there is not just a main entrance to a school building, but also several side entrances. The Gira door communication system offers a wide range of door intercoms with video function for situations like this. Each home station can be connected to up to three door stations so that the caretaker can see and speak to visitors at each entrance. Products for access control to the house or certain rooms without conventional keys offer additional possibilities.

Gira door intercoms

A Gira door station is located outside at the entrance and is networked to the home station inside the building. Gira home stations with TFT colour display provide a brilliant image with a high depth of focus and voice quality comparable to that of mobile telephones or hands-free units used in cars. Gira door stations can be integrated into the waterproof TX_44 design line and are available in a wide variety of models. Gira additionally offers a robust and vandal-proof door intercom for up to 12 residential units in the form of its stainless steel door station. 

The door station has a strong front plate made of 3 mm-thick stainless steel, and is available with or without a colour camera, just like the door stations in the TX_44 design line. The colour camera has a range of 100° and can also be swivelled manually by  20° in any direction for alignment purposes. During the day, it provides excellent colour rendering, and at night it offers extremely clear black and white images.

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Gira Keyless In

Gira Keyless In provides convenient access control for side entrances, access to the staff room and access to certain special rooms. Keyless In Fingerprint recognises a fingerprint, Keyless In Keypad opens the door when a personal number combination is entered and Keyless In Transponder responds to the signal from a transponder key or transponder card. When the transponder key is located in the user's pocket, the door automatically opens at a distance of approx. 1.50 m or 0.75 m from the reader.

The transponder card is not recognised until it is at a distance of 6 cm from the reader. Fig. from left to right: Keyless In Keypad, Keyless In Transponder, Keyless In Fingerprint, transponder key for long ranges, transponder card for short ranges.

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