Children, young people and students spend the majority of their week outside the home, at school or in college, in kindergartens or day care centres. It is clear that not only education and learning objectives have priority, but also safety and security in the building. With a wide product range encompassing socket outlets with integrated increased contact protection, smoke detectors, a complex call system and an alarm system, Gira offers comprehensive daily protection against injury, smoke, fire, and unauthorised entry.

Gira smoke alarm device

The Gira smoke alarm devices can save lives, as they warn occupants before the smoke concentration becomes dangerous. They attract attention with a loud warning tone that cannot be ignored. The smoke detectors are battery-operated, and are extremely reliable and fault-resistant thanks to an automatic self-test routine. The Gira smoke detector modular can be networked with other smoke detectors. If one device detects a fire or smoke developing, all sound the alarm.

Gira motion detectors

Motion detectors from Gira don't just conserve energy by providing lighting for rooms and other zones only when needed. They also make the building more secure because when someone enters the area they are monitoring – whether that be a hallway, entrance foyer, school yard, or bicycle storage area – they immediately switch on the lights or report the movements to the security personnel. Gira offers various products that meet the special requirements for indoor and outdoor use.

Motion detectors coupled with KNX/EIB

Automatic control switches and presence detectors can also be integrated into the KNX/EIB system. In addition to the 'Light on/off' function, they can then also display movements on the control unit's building plan or trigger other actions, such as sounding an alarm. It is also possible to send fault reports by phone, text message or email to the caretaker or monitoring service.

Gira nurse call system

The nurse call system can be used wherever help should be summoned in case of emergency. In schools, it is installed in classrooms or gymnasiums for example, and is additionally used to equip toilets that are adapted for people with disabilities. When a call button is pressed, a signal is forwarded, e.g. to the secretary's office, the staff room or the caretaker so that appropriate measures can be initiated from there. The nurse call system meets all the safety requirements of DIN VDE 0834. It also offers an advantage which is thus far unique in the market: it can be installed to match the design line – thereby ensuring that the entire electrical installation has a uniform design.

Gira SCHUKO socket outlets

Whether with integrated increased contact protection, overvoltage protection, residual current protection, control light or LED orientation light: Gira offers a wide range of socket outlets that meet the specific safety requirements of schools and kindergartens. They provide protection when careless children's hands touch everything, computers are used during thunderstorms or if defective cables or devices happen to be used. Fig. from left to right: Socket outlet with integrated increased contact protection, with overvoltage protection, with residual current protection, with control light, with LED orientation light.

Gira water-protected surface-mounted system

The water-protected surface-mounted system is the especially robust design line for areas of application such as underground garages or bicycle storage areas where protection against moisture is essential or where certain safety rules apply. This is the case in the boiler room, for example, which must have an illuminated heating emergency switch. Or in staircases, where emergency switches can trigger a house alarm in case of fire of smoke.

Safety switches

A central switch that is secured against unauthorised use should be installed, for example, in training areas or in rooms where work is performed at student experiment benches. Teaching staff can then deliberately switch the power supply on and off. The power supply can be interrupted at any time using an additional emergency switch.

Gira central 1-way switch

Have all the students switched off their computers? Have all the hobs really been turned off in the school kitchen? Is the stage system completely turned off in the school auditorium? The central 1-way switch provides certainty at the press of a button. Within the KNX/EIB system, all previously programmed circuits can be switched off at once, without any exceptions.

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