LED lighting and orientation

Many pupils, students, teachers and visitors enter and leave school and college buildings daily. This means that an orientation system that includes identification signs for stairs, lifts, toilets and various other rooms is useful. Gira offers a wide range of LED orientation lights as information signs or path markings that can be inscribed individually or provided with icons. The complete product range matches the Gira design lines and thus gives the entire electrical installation a uniform design.

Gira LED orientation light

The LED orientation lights are equipped with the entire colour spectrum, from which any desired colour can be selected. The light colours white, blue, red, green and orange are preset at the factory. The brightness can also be adjusted and adapted to individual needs.

Gira LED orientation light with slat element

A stainless steel slat element for light dispersion is supplied with the LED orientation lights. The orientation light can thus provide orientation in dark hallways or stairwells, for example, without dazzling.

Gira LED orientation light with icon

The LED orientation lights can be provided with an extremely wide variety of inscriptions or icons using films. An inscribed film or icon is then inserted in the cover plate. Gira offers a professional inscription service for this purpose. For more information, please visit www.beschriftung.gira.de.

Gira red/green LED signal light

The LED signal light is divided into a red half and a green half, which make simple signalling possible for the staff room or the secretary’s office. The two halves can be activated separately using a series switch. Several inscription sheets are included; individual inscriptions are available from theGira Inscription Service.

Gira door/orientation plate

These are used to inscribe individual rooms, for example, and are available in two sizes: 51 x 51 mm and 51 x 122 mm. The label carriers can be easily exchanged and inscribed.

Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light

Orientation in the stairwell, for example: The SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light directs a light corridor downwards with a white LED and has a twilight sensor which automatically switches the LED on when darkness sets in.

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