Without any dirt or noise: Gira offers a variety of possibilities to upgrade to a modern electrical installation, without any need to open walls and lay cables. Here, the Gira wireless bus system enables the automatic control and remote operation of light scenes, blinds or heating. The existing electrical installation can be expanded with ease using the Gira Profile 55 if the number of socket outlets initially planned is no longer sufficient, for example.

Gira wireless bus system

The system enables a wide range of automatic control options, such as light scene, blind and heating control, as well as automatic lighting control. This saves valuable energy due to the different devices being used as needed. Small to medium-sized facilities in particular, such as kindergartens, benefit from the use of a wireless bus system, since it can be easily retrofitted based on the existing installation.

Signal transmission simply takes place by means of a wireless connection. The operating points are battery-operated wireless transmitters that can be attached anywhere in the room. They send action commands to wireless receivers and actuators, which, in turn, carry out the control, switching and dimming operations.

Gira Profile 55

The situation is often the same as in colleges, schools and kindergartens. There are never enough socket outlets available. What is sufficient to begin with is soon no longer enough, because as automation increases, the demands placed on the electrical installation change too. This is where the Profile 55 comes into play. It expands the existing installation without a great deal of expense, effort, dirt or noise, because it can be easily mounted on the wall or used as a table-top housing in the physics or chemistry lab, for example.

More than 280 functions – such as communication technology components – can be integrated in addition to extra socket outlets. It enables an extremely wide range of cable feed and supply options – directly from the wall, from the flush-mounted box or through the side end cap, for example. The range includes different variants with up to eight empty units. Available in aluminium and in aluminium painted in pure white.

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Gira for kindergartens, schools and colleges


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