Communication technology

Nowadays, for school pupils, students and teachers, keeping your finger on the pulse naturally means using electronic devices. Educational institutions have to be equipped accordingly and provide computer, technology and television rooms, as well as projectors. The electrical installation should also be flexibly planned such that electronic devices can be integrated in lectures and seminars in as many rooms as possible. Gira offers a wide range of products that make this possible. Not only can they be installed in the wall; they can also be integrated in parapet ducts from common manufacturers or in floor tanks too.

Gira Universal/ISDN UAE connection box

The Universal/ISDN UAE connection box is the classic network box for telephone connections, telephone systems, PC networks and internet connections. It is CAT 5-shielded.

Gira data cap for devices from other manufacturers

All conventional communication and data connection devices with a square 50 x 50 mm central plate fit in the hinged data cap for devices from other manufacturers. In this way, devices from various other manufacturers can be perfectly integrated into the design of the different Gira design lines.

Gira antenna socket

The antenna socket enables radio and TV to be broadcast, regardless of whether this is via cable or satellite. Gira offers different variants with two or three connections which can be used as routing or end boxes.

Gira modular jack/Western connection box

Computers, servers or printers can be integrated in complex networks via copper cables with the modular jack/Western connection box. Gira offers these plug connectors as CAT 3 or CAT 5-shielded connections.

Gira floor empty housing

When they are well-positioned, floor empty housings prevent dangerous tripping hazards due to trailing cables. In classrooms, assembly halls and other functional rooms, they contain socket outlets or Universal/ISDN connection boxes so that projectors, computers or televisions can be connected with ease.

Gira speaker socket outlets

Practical in the lecture hall or film room: Speaker socket outlets. When using external speakers, they prevent long cables and the usual cable clutter. Gira offers a variety of designs: with XLR round plug connectors, as a combination speaker socket outlet and as a central plate for DIN pin jacks.

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