Camera surveillance with KNX

Whether they’re used in entrance areas or passages, women’s parking spaces in a college’s underground car park, engineering rooms or chemical storage rooms with high-quality equipment: Surveillance cameras are becoming more widespread and offer greater security – for pupils and students and against vandalism and theft. Camera-supported surveillance of buildings and the grounds outside can be set up within the KNX system with the FacilityServer.

Camera surveillance with KNX

The use of cameras offers a multitude of options for making buildings or grounds more secure. Camera images can be recorded in the internal memory of a Mobotix IP camera, for example, or connected to a hard disc in the network and can be called up in the event of an emergency. In addition, the caretaker, for instance, can also view the camera images 'live' at any time. If IP cameras are linked to the KNX system, additional solutions in which detectors, sensors and IP cameras work together and trigger various actions can be implemented.

Securing buildings against intruders

If nobody is in a school or college at night, at the weekend or on a public holiday, these detectors, sensors and IP cameras monitor the building. If they detect changes within a specific image area, such as people on the grounds, they send a telegram to the Gira FacilityServer. The Gira FacilityServer thereupon switches on the lighting, records camera images and alerts the guard service if necessary. The guard service can then view these images using a smartphone or a PDA to get an initial impression.

Camera-supported surveillance of sensitive areas

Sensitive and failure-prone areas, such as the aforementioned chemical storage room in a school or college, can also be monitored directly with IP cameras. The cameras are connected to the system via the Gira FacilityServer. If a fault occurs, not only does the monitor display a fault message; it also directly shows the camera image of the affected area.

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