Saving energy

There are a total of approximately 150,000 schools, kindergartens, day care centres and gymnasiums in Germany. Half of them are in dire need of restoration in terms of their energy consumption. This does not always mean the immediate complete restoration of a building. Significant improvements can even be made with relatively low costs. Gira shows how easily energy costs can be cut using six intelligent building technology products as examples.

Needs-based heating

They save energy by automatically only heating rooms when they are being used. The Gira room temperature controllers with integrated timers send signals to a servo within the wireless bus or KNX/EIB system which then actuates the heating valve accordingly. In this way, heating in classrooms and common rooms can be automatically switched on half an hour before classes start, rather than having to run all night for it to be warm in the morning. Wireless retrofitting can be easily carried out without creating any dirt or noise.

Keeping rooms cool in summer and storing heat in winter

The times at which the blinds or roller shutters should be set in motion can be specified at the touch of a button – even on the weekend when there is nobody there. If desired, the integrated Astro program will factor in the different sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. In this way, the rooms remain pleasantly cool in summer and don’t have to be air conditioned. In winter, the shutters also act as insulation to keep warmth inside the building.

For indoor use: Lighting coordinated to daylight and human presence

Presence detectors are motion detectors that control interior lights depending on the incident daylight and human presence. They are mounted on the ceiling and monitor the area beneath it. In this way, classrooms, lecture halls, hallways and cafeterias that are normally constantly lit are relieved of electricity consumption.

Outdoors: Light exactly when it is needed.

The grounds outside don’t need to be constantly illuminated when it’s dark. Protected from the wind and weather under a waterproof dome, the Tectiv 220° monitors the property and switches the outside lighting on immediately if motion is detected. Its three-way lens has excellent close-up, medium and long range detection and a mirror for rear field monitoring. The sensitivity, switch-on duration and brightness value are set using a controller without any need for tools.

Needs-based lighting in rooms that are rarely used

Light is only needed when the room is in use. If the switch has to be pressed every single time, it is often left on. The automatic control switch takes care of this in a fully automatic manner. It switches the light on when someone enters the room or stairwell and switches it off as soon as no more motion is detected. The intelligent switch also detects the ambient brightness, so the lighting remains switched off if the room is already sufficiently bright.

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