Saving energy with KNX

Sophisticated systems for intelligent building technology offer the greatest potential for energy savings. The perfect pair for this: the Gira Facility Server, coupled with the Gira Control 19 Client or a computer as the system’s central monitoring and control unit. With the Gira FacilityServer, the entire electrical installation in the building can be automated and controlled remotely. This allows for energy to be managed in a way that is geared precisely towards the building’s purpose.

Window open, heating off

The system detects when a door or window is opened by means of door and window contacts. After an adjustable period of time, it then automatically controls the radiator valve via the KNX servo and the heating is reduced. The heating only switches on again once all the doors and windows in the room have been closed.

Recording and evaluating consumption data

The operating and consumption data for electricity, water, heating oil and gas, for example, is continuously recorded by the FacilityServer and can be viewed in clear graphs and evaluated on a computer or using a Gira operating unit such as the Gira Control 19 Client. As a result, trends throughout the entire year can be documented, comparative calculations performed and savings potential determined.

Single-room control of heating/ventilation

A separate user profile including the times when the room should be heated or ventilated – e.g. when the classroom is occupied at 8am, the physics laboratory is used at 2pm and the sports hall is full at 11am – can be created for each individual room. The rooms are heated up accordingly half an hour before classes begin. This means that heating and ventilation systems never run unnecessarily.

Automatically switching energy-saving mode

The FacilityServer detects if the building is not being used and automatically switches to an energy-saving mode. This can happen, for example, when the main entrance is locked twice or when the alarm system is activated. The energy-saving mode restricts the boiler’s flow temperature and the service water temperature, switches off all the lights, closes the windows and disconnects selected devices from the mains.

Gira Control 19 Client or computer

The Gira Control 19 Client or a computer can be used as a central monitoring and control unit for the Gira KNX/EIB system. This gives a caretaker, for example, full control of the building technology for the entire school grounds – for all rooms, the sports field and the sports hall. In addition, remote maintenance is also possible. Access and control then take place over the internet or using a mobile phone.
Gira Control 19 Client
Gira Interface


Gira FacilityServer

The Gira FacilityServer is the on-board computer for the building. It acts as a gateway for the entire KNX/EIB installation of a building and its outdoor facilities and enables operation of the functions using the various communication media. In addition to operation with the Gira Control 19 Client or a computer, access is also possible using other internet-enabled devices – directly via the local network, WLAN or internet.

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