Living room

Gira ensures that you can get comfortable on the sofa. With the Gira TV gateway you don't need to get up if the doorbell rings when you're watching TV, as you can see who is at the door on the TV screen.

Gira touch dimming top unit

With the Gira touch dimming top unit, the desired brightness level can easily be set by gently touching the LED dots. A subtle acoustic signal provides feedback on operation.

Gira electronic blind controller 2

With the Gira electronic blind controller 2, blinds, roller shutters and awnings are controlled fully automatically based on programmed times or sensor evaluation. While its occupants are on holiday, a random generator gives the home a lived-in appearance.

Gira touch sensor 3 Plus

The Gira touch sensor 3 allows many intelligent building technology functions to be conveniently controlled, e.g. switching and calling up light scenes, switching and dimming lights or opening and closing blinds. Each button has two LEDs for status display and can be operated on the left, right and centrally, depending on the setting/variant.

Gira TV gateway

Don't get up from watching television when the doorbell rings. The Gira TV gateway from the Gira door communication system connects the TV to the door station functions. The image supplied by the video camera can be shown on the TV screen.

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