All around the house

Gira products provide security and convenience all around the house. The Gira TX_44 design line with its reinforced frame, robust material and secure installation meets stringent requirements outdoors and in public areas and is recommended for the entire outside area.

Gira Tectiv 220°

Protected from the wind and weather under a waterproof dome, the Gira Tectiv 220° monitors the property and switches the outside lighting on immediately if motion is detected. It therefore ensures that light is always on whenever it is needed and that burglars are deterred by the sudden brightness.

Gira Sentinel 70

As soon as someone enters its detection field at twilight or when it is dark, the Gira Sentinel 70 switches on the outside lighting. With its narrow detection field, it is especially well-suited to small properties, such as is the case with terraced houses.

Gira LED orientation light TX_44

The Gira TX_44 LED orientation light illuminates steps and dark corners outdoors and thus ensures better orientation. Also available with a white or orange LED.

Gira TX_44 touch switch

The Gira touch switch from the Gira TX_44 design line is recommended for use as a light switch outdoors. With its reinforced frame, robust material and theft-resistant and water-protected installation, it fulfils the highest requirements for outdoor use.

Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with hinged cover TX_44, water-protected, flush-mounted

For safety reasons, water-protected socket outlets with a hinged cover must be used all around the house. For flush-mounted installation outdoors, it is advisable to use the Gira TX_44 design line with its especially robust water-protected SCHUKO socket outlets.

Gira rocker switch with surface-mounted, water protected inscription label

The Gira water-protected, surface-mounted range is a particularly robust design line. It is suitable for installation in damp rooms and wherever there are particular stresses. This means it is naturally suitable for use outdoors too.

Gira energy and light profiles

The Gira energy and light profiles enable a wide range of outdoor applications. They can be used to install the likes of door communication, motion detectors and lighting exactly where these functions are needed – in entrance areas, along driveways or in the garden.

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