Entrance hall

As soon as you step into the entrance hall, the Gira automatic control switch switches on the light. With the Gira Control 9 Client you can call up emails and check the status of the building technology directly.

Gira Control 9 Client

The Gira Control 9 Client is an operating device for the Gira HomeServer and the KNX installation in the home. With a brilliant 22.9 cm [9”] TFT touch display, it grants the user quick and easy access to all the building technology functions. In combination with the Gira DCS IP gateway, it can also be used for audiovisual door communication.

Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device

The Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device offers twice the protection. With two identification processes, it detects both smoke and heat accumulation in the room and emits a warning before it gets dangerous. If all installed smoke alarm devices are networked, the device in the bedroom also sounds an alarm if there is a fire in the staircase, cellar or garage.

Gira automatic control switch

Light as soon and as long as required: The Gira automatic control switch turns on the light when someone approaches and switches it off when there's no one there any more. This is convenient, safe and energy-saving, and is especially well-suited for circulation zones such as the entrance hall or stairwells.

Gira surface-mounted home station video Plus

With the Gira surface-mounted home station video Plus from the Gira door communication system, you immediately hear and see who is at the front door. The home station matches the Gira design lines and thus enables a uniform electrical installation and door communication appearance.

Gira touch sensor 3 with central switch-off

The Gira touch sensor 3 Komfort allows many intelligent building technology functions to be conveniently controlled at the press of a knob. When it is programmed as a central 1-way switch, all previously selected devices can be switched off at the press of a knob, e.g. individual lights, lighting rails, and entire circuits. That way, you can rest assured that everything really is off when you leave the house.

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