Home office

Whether it's for a telephone, computer or printer: Gira's connection boxes will ensure that you're always properly equipped and perfectly networked. It is advisable to use the Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with overvoltage protection to ensure that your electronic devices are ideally protected. Presence detectors ensure that lighting is only switched on where it is needed.

Gira presence detector Kompakt

The Gira presence detector Kompakt controls the lights based on the incident daylight and human presence, and is thus advisable for use in home offices that are only used occasionally, for example. It’s convenient and saves energy.

Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with overvoltage protection

Overvoltage during storms can seriously damage electronic devices. Valuable devices such as PCs, printers or hi-fi systems can be protected from damage caused by excessive voltages using the Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with overvoltage protection.

Gira USB power supply

With the Gira USB power supply, mobile devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players can be charged directly at the socket outlet without an additional power supply. Thanks to a charging current of up to 2100 mA, even power-hungry devices can be charged. With two connectors for installation in the 58 mm flush-mounted device box – in the style of the design line.

Gira Profile 55

The Gira Profile 55 expands the existing installation without any need to prise open the wall. Additional socket outlets and connection boxes for data technology in particular can thus be retrofitted in the home office.

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