Which products for which rooms?

The Gira smoke alarm device in the bedroom. The Gira blind control button in the living room. The Gira RDS flush-mounted radio in the kitchen. Which products for which room? Discover the products that are helpful for each room and will help you to increase convenience, while conserving energy and guaranteeing security within your own four walls.


Gira gets every morning off to a convenient start in the kitchen. The Gira easy timer automatically fires up the coffee machine at breakfast time, while the Gira RDS radio provides information and entertainment as you set the table.

Entrance hall

As soon as you step into the entrance hall, the Gira automatic control switch switches on the light. With the Gira Control 9 Client you can call up emails and check the status of the building technology directly.


With the Gira room temperature sensor, it's always pleasantly warm in the bathroom during peak usage times. The Gira hygrostat ensures a pleasant, healthy room climate by regulating the humidity.

Living room

Gira ensures that you can get comfortable on the sofa. With the Gira TV gateway you don't need to get up if the doorbell rings when you're watching TV, as you can see who is at the door on the TV screen.


Sleep well: Gira's security products are there for you. The Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device is on watch around the clock and sounds the alarm immediately if dangerous smoke starts to build up. And it’s also comforting to have the Gira panic switch within reach next to the bed.

Children's room

Not only in your child's room, but in any other room, socket outlets with integrated, enhanced touch protection ("Shutter")�are important because children get into everything. Because children are often afraid of the dark, the Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with an LED orientation light is just the right thing.

Home office

Whether it's for a telephone, fax machine, computer or printer: Gira's connection boxes will ensure that you're always properly equipped and perfectly networked. It is advisable to use the Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with overvoltage protection to ensure that your electronic devices are ideally protected.

Staircase, cellar, garage

The Gira Sensotec and the Gira Sensotec LED, the Gira automatic control switch and the Gira LED orientation light ensure safe, energy-saving lighting in areas such as staircases, cellars and garages. The door and window contacts/VdS assume monitoring of the rooms and sound the alarm in case of danger.

All around the house

Gira products provide security and convenience all around the house. The Gira TX_44 design line with its reinforced frame, robust material and secure installation meets stringent requirements outdoors and in public areas and is recommended for the entire outside area.

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