Play music, control multi-room systems

Gira control unit for the Revox multiroom system

In cooperation with Revox, Gira offers the M218 operating unit and the M217 display unit for the Revox multiroom system, which are installed in the Gira design lines on the wall. These control devices enable the Revox multiroom system to be operated from every room, while maintaining a uniform appearance with the rest of the electrical installation.

Gira RDS flush-mounted radio

Be entertained and informed without annoying devices: The Gira RDS flush-mounted radio can simply be installed in the wall – exactly like light switches and socket outlets. With its high-quality speaker, the Gira flush-mounted radio RDS offers a pure sound – and in excellent stereo quality when the Gira additional speaker, which is available as an option, is connected.

Gira docking station

With the help of the Gira docking station, smartphones and MP3 players can be connected to the Gira flush-mounted radio RDS. What's special about this, is that music is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth so that there is no need to connect devices directly. The Gira docking station also can be used as a universal charging device for various mobile end devices, with three exchangeable top units available.

Gira data and communication connection technology Audio

Home entertainment, media presentation, data transfer and much more besides: Gira data and communication connection technology provides digital and analogue interfaces for all standard multimedia and network applications. All sound systems can be connected perfectly using the audio connections. Connections for cinch, mini jack, XLR, WBT nextgen, BNC and speaker cables are available to choose from. Because of their integration in the Gira design lines, all connections can be installed to match the design of the entire electrical installation.

Gira Control 9 Client

In conjunction with the Gira HomeServer or FacilityServer, the entire KNX building technology can be operated at the touch of a finger using the vivid touch screen of the Gira Control 9 Client. With the UPnP Control plug-in for the Gira interface, music can be played and controlled throughout the entire house. By networking this with the Gira HomeServer, the music control can also be directly integrated into room scenes.

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