Monitor and secure building, use alarm systems

Gira touch sensor 3 with panic switch

In dangerous situations, the versatile touch sensor 3 Komfort proves to be a reliable assistant. Programmed as a panic switch, it is always within reach, for example beside the bed. If you hear a suspicious noise at night, all you have to do is briefly touch the switch and your entire home and garden are flooded with frighteningly bright light.

Gira door station video

Always know who's at the door. The Gira video door station is equipped with a colour camera, speaker, microphone and call button. The camera covers a wide viewing angle and can be ideally aligned during installation. When darkness sets in, the colour camera switches from day to night mode. The visitor's face can be clearly recognised thanks to additional lighting. Excellent voice quality ensures trouble-free communication.

Gira Keyless In Keypad

The Gira Keyless In Keypad opens the door when a personal number combination is entered. Even pressing the buttons without pressure is recognised as actuation and is acknowledged with an acoustic signal (which can also be switched off if desired). This capacitive technology enables wear-free operation and thus ensures greater security. The buttons don't become worn and no fading is detectable. This means that it is not possible to discern certain number combinations that have been entered frequently.

Gira Control 9 Client

Using the Gira Control 9 Client with its brilliant 22.9 cm [9"] touch screen in conjunction with the Gira HomeServer or FacilityServer, the entire KNX building technology can be operated at the touch of a finger. In this way, lights, blinds, heating, ventilation, household appliances, and multi-room audio systems can be controlled and complex living scenes can be compiled from several functions. Occupants can keep an eye on the status of individual functions and call up graphs, evaluations, and much more. What's more, the Gira Control 9 Client can be integrated into the Gira door communication system so that it can be used as a home station for audio-visual door communication.

Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device

The Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device offers twice the safety. With two identification processes, it detects both smoke and heat accumulation in the room and emits a warning before it gets dangerous. The optical smoke detection function can be temporarily deactivated, which enables the device to be used reliably in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, too. If all installed smoke alarm devices are networked wirelessly or by cable, the device in the bedroom also sounds an alarm if there is a fire in the staircase, for example.

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