Save energy, manage energy consumption, protect the climate

Gira room temperature controller with clock and cooling function

Reaching the desired temperature in each room at a certain time – either by heating or by cooling. The Gira room temperature controller with clock and cooling function makes this possible. A higher comfort temperature can be set for the day, while a reduced temperature can be set for the night. If the occupants are going to be away for an extended period of time during winter, an anti-freeze temperature can be defined. The cooling function is activated in summer. Self-explanatory user guidance makes operation incredibly easy.

Gira automatic control switch 2

Switching lights on and off automatically as needed: Automatically controlled light is convenient, safe and energy-saving. When used in combination with a dimming insert, the Gira automatic control switch 2 provides even greater lighting convenience. The brightness is gradually increased to the selected level when you enter a room and is slowly lowered again when you exit. Occupancy simulation can be activated for holidays or other periods of absence. This scares off unwelcome visitors.

Gira electronic timer

Lights that should be switched on or off at the same time every day can be controlled automatically using the electronic timer from Gira, for example, for lighting a shop window, driveway or garden. But other devices can also be switched on/off using the electronic timer: alarm music punctually in the morning, the UV lighting for plants or the fountain.

Gira Tectiv 220°

Automatic lighting control for outdoors: The Gira Tectiv 220° is a motion detector that monitors the property and switches on the outdoor lighting as soon as movement is detected. Protected from the wind and weather under a waterproof dome, it provides greater security day in, day out. Without having to press a switch every single time, the path is safely illuminated in the dark for each guest. Intruders, on the other hand, are often frightened off simply by the light.

Gira Control 9 Client

In conjunction with the Gira HomeServer or FacilityServer, the entire KNX building technology can be operated at the touch of a finger using the vivid touch screen of the Gira Control 9 Client. Operating and consumption data for electricity, water, gas, and/or heating oil are continually recorded and stored. Trends can be tracked for the whole year by means of clear diagrams. If significant deviations from average consumption occur, this is quickly detected with the energy module.

Gira HomeServer

As an interface between the building technology and the computer network, the Gira HomeServer enables central control and monitoring of energy consumption within the household. Due to the intelligent interaction of various functions and devices, as well as time-dependent and needs-based control, it helps to only use energy exactly when and where it is needed. This saves money, while also protecting the environment.

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