Control outdoor installations, program garden lighting

Gira energy profile with three SCHUKO socket outlets and light element

The Gira energy profile with three SCHUKO socket outlets, integrated increased contact protection ("Shutter")�and light element supplies electricity to outdoor electric devices and provides atmospheric lighting for garden paths, entrance areas and terraces.

Gira design line TX_44

Gira TX_44 is the perfect design line for use outdoors or in damp rooms, but it also has a role to play in interior design. It can be installed with IP 44 protection against splash water, and thanks to its reinforced frame, robust materials and the option of water and theft-proof mounting, is an excellent choice for use in gardens, on balconies or on terraces.

Gira Tectiv 220°

Automatic lighting control for outdoors: The Gira Tectiv 220° is a motion detector that monitors the property and switches on the outdoor lighting as soon as movement is detected. Protected from the wind and weather under a waterproof dome, it provides greater security day in, day out. Without having to press a switch every single time, the path is safely illuminated in the dark for each guest. Intruders, on the other hand, are often frightened off simply by the light.

Gira automatic control switch TX_44

In the TX_44 design line, the automatic control switch can be installed as a water-protected IP 44 variant both indoors and outdoors. It ensures that the lighting switches on automatically when a person steps onto the garden path and switches off again automatically.

Gira LED orientation light TX_44

The Gira LED orientation light from the theft-proof and water-protected Gira TX_44 design line is especially suitable for outdoor use. It is optionally available with white, blue or orange LEDs. The lighting element has a frosted diffusing plate and is water-protected in accordance with IP 44.

Gira HomeServer

As an interface between the building technology and the computer network, the Gira HomeServer enables central control and monitoring of energy consumption within the household. Due to the intelligent interaction of various functions and devices, as well as time-dependent and needs-based control, it helps to only use energy exactly when and where it is needed. This saves money, while also protecting the environment.

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