No presence, no electricity, no danger

It can happen to anyone: you leave a room – and accidentally leave a device on. This consumes electricity unnecessarily and can also be dangerous if the device is an iron, for example. A Gira automatic control switch combined with a socket outlet prevents something like this ever happening again. The plugged-in device is switched on when the room is entered and switched off again when it is exited.

Detecting fires and smoke early and reliably

The Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device offers twice the safety. With two detection processes, it detects both smoke and heat accumulation in the room and emits a warning before it gets dangerous. The optical smoke detection function can be temporarily deactivated, which also enables the device to be used reliably in rooms where there may be some steam, such as kitchens and bathrooms. If all installed smoke detectors are networked, the device in the bedroom also sounds an alarm if there is a fire in the staircase, for example.

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Convenience, security and value with Gira products


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