Gira call system
For all situations

A call system is particularly advisable when there are people living in the household who are elderly, sick or have limited mobility. Sometimes, it’s simply just an unfortunate situation when someone falls badly in the bathroom, for example, and cannot get back up alone. However, it can also be a more serious matter where every minute counts.

The Gira call set is integrated in the world of Gira design lines. Because of this, it fits seamlessly into the electrical installation in the building and, with its selection of colour and frame variants, it can also be adapted to any interior. It’s secure – and even looks good too.

Gira emergency set

The set consists of a call module, pull-cord button, switch-off button and power supply unit and ensures that a person in need of help can alert other occupants should an incident occur. A visual and acoustic alarm, which can only be switched off again using the switch-off button located in the same room, is triggered using a pull-cord button. An alarm can also be triggered in an additional room if desired.

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