Lighting control and orientation

Switching lights on and off automatically as needed

Light on, light off – all by itself. Automatically controlled light is convenient, safe and energy-saving. When used in combination with a dimming insert, the Gira automatic control switch 2 provides even greater lighting convenience. The brightness is gradually increased to the selected level when you enter a room and is slowly lowered again when you exit. Occupancy simulation can be activated for holidays or other periods of absence. This scares off unwelcome visitors.

Automatic lighting control for outdoors

Is someone there? The Tectiv motion detector monitors the property and switches the outside lighting on immediately if motion is detected. Protected from the wind and weather under a waterproof dome, it provides greater security day in, day out. Without having to press a switch every single time, the path is safely illuminated in the dark for each guest. Intruders, on the other hand, are often frightened off simply by the light.

Better orientation in dark rooms and hallways

The Gira LED socket outlet ensures better orientation in dark rooms and hallways. It directs a discreet light corridor downwards and thus provides indirect orientation lighting on the floor without dazzling. It can also be used to set attractive lighting accents in the room. To save energy, a twilight sensor automatically switches the light on when darkness sets in and switches it off again when it is bright enough.

Setting the right brightness for any situation

Gira Touchdimmer For some household activities such as cleaning, particularly bright light is needed which would normally be perceived as annoying. When watching television on the other hand, the room should be somewhat darker than normal. The Gira Touchdimmer allows the user to immediately set the suitable brightness level for any situation – simply by specifically touching the row of LED dots. A subtle acoustic signal also provides feedback on operation.

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Convenience, security and value with Gira products


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