Heating and air conditioning control

Always the right temperature with time control

Achieve the desired temperature in each room at a certain time – either by heating or by cooling. The Gira room temperature controller with clock and cooling function makes this possible. A higher comfort temperature can be set for the day, while a reduced temperature can be set for the night. If the occupants are going to be away for an extended period of time during winter, an anti-freeze temperature can be defined. The cooling function is activated in summer. Self-explanatory user guidance makes operation an absolute doddle.

Setting the temperature for each room the easy way

It doesn’t have to be as warm in the hallway as in the living room. With the Gira room temperature controller with On/Off switch, each room is heated as needed, because the desired temperature can be quickly and conveniently set between +5°C and +30°C. If no heating is needed in a room, it can simply be switched off using the controller.

Creating a pleasant and healthy room climate

The Gira hygrostat measures humidity, controls ventilation and thus ensures a pleasant and healthy room climate. It also helps to prevent damaging mould growth in the process. It records both the humidity and the temperature. If the humidity exceeds the setpoint, the Gira hygrostat can switch on an external fan to dehumidify the room, for example.

Improved wellbeing thanks to better ambient air

The Gira CO₂ ambient air sensor monitors the CO₂ content in the room. If the air is still fresh, this is indicated by means of an LED that lights up green. However, the LED lights up red if the CO₂ concentration exceeds a specified limit, beyond which the ability to concentrate and wellbeing are impaired. If the Gira CO₂ ambient air sensor is connected to a fan or a
motor-operated window, rooms can be easily ventilated in a needs-based and energy-efficient manner.

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Convenience, security and value with Gira products


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