Gira wireless bus system
Wirelessly retrofitting intelligent building technology

Calling up the right lighting mood for working, enjoying a cosy dinner or reading at the touch of a button, controlling blinds automatically, centrally switching mobile devices on and off, or securely switching off selected devices or entire areas in the home when leaving: The possibilities offered by the latest technologies can even be easily integrated in older buildings.

Current electrical installations in existing buildings can be modernised quickly, cleanly and affordably with the Gira wireless bus system. A wide range of state-of-the-art control options can be wirelessly installed with no dirt or noise and at minimal expense and effort – from the cellar up to the roof, from automatic lighting control and cross-function scenarios to central building management.

The Gira wireless bus system is therefore the perfect solution for any renovation or refurbishment project.

Controlling everything centrally – simply via a wireless connection

Gira wireless wall transmitters can be mounted exactly where they are wanted and needed – regardless of the spatial conditions and mains supplies. They communicate wirelessly with the devices to be switched. The number of buttons corresponds to the number of freely combinable functions: switching, dimming, blind control and control of up to five light scenes.

Building technology – always under control

Control blinds or roller shutters, and switch and dim up to 24 lights or light groups independently of one another – from any location in the home. You’ve got everything under control with the Gira wireless hand-held transmitter Komfort.

Turn everything off when you head out of the door – centrally with a single switch

Touching the central 1-way switch next to the front door ensures that no dangerous devices remain accidentally switched on when you head out. It’s not just individual appliances that can be integrated into this function, but also entire circuits – so you can rest assured that the cooker or iron is definitely switched off when you’re away.

Frighten away unwelcome visitors at the press of a button

Having a Gira wireless panic switch next to the bed increases security. If you hear a suspicious noise, all you have to do is briefly touch it – and your entire home and garden are bathed in bright light. This scares off unwelcome visitors.

Automatic lighting when people are present

Automatically switching lights on and off based on motion and depending on whether or not people are present is convenient, increases security and saves energy. The Gira wireless automatic control switch enables easy retrofitting of convenient lighting control. As a compact, battery-operated device, it can be glued or screwed directly to the wall absolutely anywhere. The brightness switching threshold, daytime operation and sensitivity can all be adapted to the local conditions.

Switch electrical appliances on and off wirelessly

Whether they’re floor lamps or table lamps, radios or coffee machines: electrical appliances can be wirelessly switched on or off using the wireless socket outlet adapter switch. Lights can also be integrated in up to five light scenes. The Gira wireless socket outlet adapter is simply inserted between the socket outlet and plug for this purpose.

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