Design and technology serving people

People in the centre

For some time now, design and technology have finally been returning to their actual reason for existing – serving people. People, along with their desires and needs, have once again moved to the centre of the development and design process. New products must be evaluated based on their usability. They should solve problems, not create new ones. Even complex products should be simple and intuitive to operate for people of all ages – including children and the elderly. Intelligent systems should make everyday life easier by taking on control functions, for example. They should think for themselves, recognise their surroundings and the relevant situation, and automatically trigger the correct reaction. In our world of constant change, these systems should also be flexible and adapt easily to new requirements and needs. The technologies available nowadays open up completely new possibilities for this.

The example of smartphones: With their intelligent programs, called apps, the 'mobile telephones' of the past have become personal assistants in everyday life situations – both professional and private. Shopping, booking concert tickets, calling up local information, planning routes based on current traffic conditions, as well as controlling building technology at home while you’re on the move: a single, small device performs many tasks, and simplifies and enriches everyday life.

The example of interior design: Nowadays, ergonomics and adaptability to individual needs are essential for excellent design. 'Good form' on its own is no longer enough. Furniture is becoming multi-functional, flexible and lighter. After all, it’s no longer left in the same position forever. Children’s furniture grows with the kids. Chairs and tables can be raised and lowered as needed. Doors and drawers open automatically when a hand approaches.

The example of the automotive industry: In the meantime, some cars have become more convenient than homes. Windscreen wipers are activated automatically when it starts to rain. Intelligent lighting systems adapt the light to the weather and traffic conditions, which increases both passive and active safety. Assistance systems have long been a matter of course in cars above a certain class. They provide important information acoustically and visually, help with parking and even prevent accidents by warning of danger and braking automatically if necessary.

The customised home that thinks for itself

Design and technology that serve people: Probably more important at home than anywhere else. This is because the home is the heart of most people’s world, and people are at the heart of this private retreat. That’s why people want to design their homes to suit their own tastes and style and in line with their own convenience and security desires and requirements – particularly when they own their house or apartment.

In this regard, choosing furniture and furnishings is not the only thing that makes a house a home where people can feel completely at ease. The electrical installation has an enormous impact on convenience and security. Intelligent building technology is the key to a high standard of living, which also results in a high quality of life.

For example, it automatically provides the right light, a pleasant room temperature and a good room climate. In so doing, it increases economic efficiency by adapting the energy consumption to actual requirements. It secures access to the house or apartment by showing who is at the door and enabling communication with the guest. It deters intruders by simulating presence when no-one is home.

The possibilities of modern building technology are almost limitless, and new ones are constantly being added. It is essential that this technology is used sensibly and made available in a reliable and easy-to-operate manner. Intelligent building technology with Gira Assistance ensures that people really do feel at home within their own four walls.

Listen to music while brushing your teeth.

Better orientation in the dark.

Automatically switch lights in a time-controlled manner.

Conveniently raise and lower blinds at the touch of a button.

Operate lights or blinds at the touch of a finger.

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